How We Do God’s Work


Running a church is generally accomplished through the combined efforts of paid staff and volunteers. At NUCC we have small staff who handles the day to day operations of the church and a large dedicated group of congregation members who carry out the work of the church through our ministry teams.  All ministries are responsible to the Council — the lay leadership team.  The ultimate “decider” is the NUCC congregation, which meets quarterly to discuss, debate, learn and discern the direction of the church.



The Council is the elected leadership of Northshore UCC members. It meets monthly to review priorities, budget, events, and issues facing the congregation. The Council includes elected officers of the congregation (Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Treasurer, Clerk, At-Large members), as well as one representative from each ministry. The minister is a non-voting but vital part of the Council meetings—which are open to all.

The Council’s job is to “do the church’s business,” implementing the major priorities and directions of the congregation. In the United Church of Christ denominations, the congregation makes decisions and the Council implements them.


Ministry Teams

Christian Education

Ministry of Outreach and Justice (MOJO)



Worship and Spiritual Formation

Growth and Communication