Ministry Teams

Christian Education


Northshore United Church of Christ is committed to offering nurturing, age-appropriate, progressive Christian education opportunities. We endeavor to share the good news of God’s amazing love with learners of all ages and explore ways to work together to help make that great love visible in the world.

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Ministry of Justice and Outreach (MOJO)

MOJO is committed to the work of addressing areas of injustice in our local region and the world community. As a ministry we recognize, organize and coordinate a wide variety of justice activities according to the interests, passions and movement of the Holy Spirit among the people at Northshore UCC.

Our focus is on both direct service and addressing some of the systemic oppressive systems that feed and perpetuate unjust systems.

  •      Earth Care
  •      Justice Advocacy
  •     WMM (Woodinville Meaningful Movies)
  •     Crop Hunger Walk
  •     JLP (Justice Leadership Program)
  •     Seattle Pride Parade
  •     Homelessness
  •     Alternative Gift Fair
  •     The Giving Tree

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This team is the culinary heart of NUCC creating Food, Fun, and Laughter in the kitchen! 

The Fellowship Ministry thoughtfully and enthusiastically plans and prepares the meals and a welcoming atmosphere for all the special and ordinary occasions and events taking place at NUCC throughout the year.

A typical year will find us coordinating and preparing meals for our:

  • Annual Salmon Bake
  • St.Patrick’s Day Dinner
  • Easter Brunch
  • Love Sunday
  • Homecoming Sunday
  • Annual Summer Picnic



While other ministries support and encourage Christian education, spiritual growth and our missions and outreach, the Trustees Ministry supports all of those ministries by caring for the church facilities and financial health.

The Treasurer and Financial secretary are a part of this team bringing budgeting and bookkeeping skills to the weekly money management, and the Ministry as a whole oversees long-term financial monitoring, planning, and development of yearly budgets which the congregation  debates and approves. They conduct performance reviews for NUCC’s paid staff, and they work closely with tenants who lease parts of our buildings, to ensure that our facilities serve as many people as possible every week.

The Trustees also are in charge of maintaining the health of our physical facilities—from organizing Blue Jean Sundays (when the congregation turns out to nurture our gorgeous acreage), to overseeing repairs and maintenance of everything from roofs to rugs.

Their Ministry, then, helps us all to be better Stewards of our church, by planning and urging us onward in every person’s donation of time, talents, and funds to strengthen Northshore UCC.

Worship & Spiritual Formation

This mission of this ministry is to develop and deepen the spiritual life of NUCC, as well as serve the spiritual and life needs of the church community.

We work with the minister to create a meaningful, rich worship experience, including coordinating music, dance and the arts. We coordinate the “workings” of each week’s worship service (sound, candles, communion supplies, and more), and also recruit and support guest ministers.

Music and the arts are vital in any church worship, but especially for this congregation with its long tradition of having gifted musicians as members. WSF is responsible for scheduling the adult and children’s choir, as well as special music for each church season. We also work with our talented dancers and artists to enhance the worship experience for all ages.

As part of teaching and deepening our spirituality, WSF also works to make sure we “love our neighbor as ourselves,” by coordinating congregational caregiving. As a church that cherishes its children, its seniors, and indeed every person, WSF works to create support for all our church family through important life events.

Growth & Communications

This ministry manages the flow of information inside and outside Northshore UCC keeping members, visitors and the public informed about our events and activities.

As the “bridge-builders” this group works to keep everyone—inside and outside Northshore UCC—informed. And it’s a two-way bridge:  Their mission is to get information from lay and pastoral leadership out to the congregation, but just as importantly, get ideas and questions from the congregation (including members, friends, and visitors) to the ministries and Council.

Another mission: Letting the surrounding community and public know what Northshore UCC offers, and staying tuned in to what our local, regional and world community needs from us. We do this through an ever-changing web of the BAND newsletter, email blasts, Facebook, and this webpage.