Our Covenant




As part of the United Church of Christ denomination, we are a covenantal rather than a creedal church. That means that our faith is not measured against, or defined by, a doctrine or creed. Instead, our church is made through our covenant with each other, shown below. The diversity of beliefs among our members enriches and enlivens our church.

The Bible, which we take seriously but not literally, is our holy scripture. It shows how our ancestors of faith related to God, and its stories continue to teach. We believe that “there is always more light and truth to shine forth from God’s holy word under the guidance of the Holy Spirit alive in the world today.”


As a family of God in the spirit of the first creation, we are called into being by the risen Christ, and are calling together brothers and sisters to worship God and to make a joyful and hopeful commitment to the continuing life of Northshore United Church of Christ.

We intend to unite our efforts to develop, sustain, and reinforce the sense of loving community within the individual and church family.

We intend to be sensitive and receptive to the needs and wants of each other, remembering that the lines of communication must remain open with every person having the right to express their opinions in the life of the church.

We intend to celebrate our lives together through meaningful traditions, sacraments, and special occasions.

We intend to work together beyond our immediate family and congregation using our energies and resources to create a better world in which we all live, through community service, national and world concerns, and Our Christian World Mission.

We intend to discipline our own consumption and govern our stewardship of God’s creation.